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Our special products are Mirror Drawing (Metal Star) Electronics, Bolt Head Maze, Muller Lyer Illusion, Steadiness tester and Seguin Form Board, etc.
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Micro Technologies has laboratory and psychology research equipment that provides reproducible and dependable results. Clients from renowned research institutes, academic teaching regions, and laboratories from all over India approach us to purchase freestanding and benchtop variants of diverse equipment. Our high-quality offerings, such as Tachistoscope Falling Door, Wooden Screen, Horizontal Vertical Illusion, Span of Attention Pass Along Test, etc. are manufactured in-house and combine functionality, simplicity, and toughness of design. Our years of experience in the field speak for themselves, as we also provide world-class post-sale support in addition to a world-class product line. We have established state-of-the-art CNC machinery at our factory as a technology-driven manufacturer and supplier to satisfy the particular needs of each client. We manage a number of professionals in our business who have extensive experience in our industry, in addition to cutting-edge technology know-how. We train our team on a regular basis so that our specialists can come up with special technology when the need arises within the stipulated time frame, since we know that buyers prefer to contact a direct manufacturer when purchasing any customised device.

Our Mission

Quality and Honesty

Our Objectives

To provide service in the field of Psychology, hence we work hard every day to achieve our goal sincerely and honestly for providing high quality products at factory cost.

Our strengths

We are masters in delivering customize service for those clients who require unique product modification or alteration, we use our skill to produce exact systems that meet their requirements. We believe in quality, remarkable and safe packing and prompt service and prompt service and with honest dealing.

Product Customization:
As a genuine and competent manufacturer, we are masters in delivering customization services, and for those clients who require unique product modification or alteration, we can use our skills to produce exact systems that meet their requirements. Our team of professionals can create products with specified dimensions, construction materials, and controls. If required, we can even deliver goods with supplementary attachments.

Testing & Quality Control:
Our team of professional can create products with specified dimensions. Each piece of equipment is put through rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure that it meets standardization.

Quick Countrywide Supply:
Our location is in Wardha (vidharbha) that is center of India, we can quickly deliver material to every corner of India with faster delivery.

Excellent After-Sales Support: Our commitment to serving clients to the best of our ability extends beyond items to include the quality of our service. Our cutting-edge goods are backed by prompt after-sales assistance.